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Scholars have also found that each type of family e. They clarify, however, that "about half of the disadvantages associated with single parenthood are due to lower incomes [of single parents]. Most of the rest are due to too little parental involvement and supervision and too much residential mobility" p.

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Stephanie Coontz also clarifies that the psychological, health, and economic benefits of marriage for families are due to a number of factors like: the effect of selection people who are already healthier, more psychologically stable, and better able to manage finances tend to marry more than those who are not , the "expectations about responsibility, fidelity, and intimacy" in marriage, and the freedom to exit psychologically, physically, and economically stressful unhappy marriages p.

While we see increasing diversity in family types in the U. Are there differences in family structures between urban and rural Oregon communities in and ?

Did the prevalence of some family forms change in some places between and ? Are there communities with high rates of single parenthood? Why do you think they are high? Launch the Communities Reporter Tool.


Using the tools of the Oregon Communities Explorer you can examine family trends across the state among the following variables:. Average Family Size : The number of members of families divided by the total number of families, where a family is a group of two or more people who reside together and who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. Average Household Size : The number of people who share a housing unit as their usual place of residence divided by the total number of households.

Marital Status by Gender : The percentage of men and women over age 15 who either have never married, are currently married, are widowed, or are divorced. Families with Children : The percentage of families that have children under 18 years old. Single-parent Families : Of families with children, the percentage headed by a single parent, either male or female. Teen Pregnancy Rate : Number of pregnancies per thousand teen females.

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Births to Unwed Mothers : The percent of live births that are to unmarried women. Coltrane, Scott and Randall Collins. Fifth Edition. Coontz, Stephanie. Brown, David L. In Raymond T.

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Coward and William M. Smith Jr. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

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Hungary and the Fall of Eastern Europe, Read more. The new Eastern Europe. The Byzantine commonwealth Eastern Europe.

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