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Their backgrounds include computational culture, critical technical practices, post-colonial and critical feminism, performance, design and space system engineering. They develop forms of art-led inquiry into the multiples scales of power, governability that flow through physical and cultural landscapes. Their practice is currently focused on exploring forms of slow violence and death embedded in, for instance, the entanglement between archiving practices and technical objects, the diminishing negantropism of global trade, systems of production after erasure, and alluring myths of ecological cosmopolitanism.

Finis-terra is art-led inquiry into the subjection of terrestrial sense data and movements to mathematical formulae, which investigates the complex ecological, political and economic impacts of satellite pattern recognition software.

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Carbon Derivatives explore the collision between the forest as a storage resource of carbon, the boreal forest's disappearance and emission trading systems ETS. The Usnea lichen, more widely known as beard moss, grows on the bark of trees in old growth forests, providing food for reindeer in winter. Calculations have deemed industrial forests more efficient in terms of carbon sequestration, and consequently enriches Finnish economy with carbon credits. In addition, forestry growth provides jobs and fuels many byproduct economies.

How are forests calculated? Which forms of knowledge are privileged in this discussion?

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How does one begin to discuss the simultaneous cultural livelihood and destruction of a nation? We take fraud and the protection of our customers' information seriously. By providing extra layers of security for online shipping, we help you keep sensitive information like account numbers and credit card information safe.

The same types of fraud schemes that have existed for many years can now be found online, in e-mail, and through other computer-based methods. Learn how to recognize fraud before you become a victim. Learn How to Identify Fraud. Being aware and protecting your sensitive information is the best way to prevent fraud.

Read some helpful tips on what you can do to protect yourself. Learn How to Protect Yourself from Fraud.

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Think you may have received a fake email from someone pretending to be UPS? Phone Scams.

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