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Global Health Watch aims to:. The GHW coordinating group has identified broad areas to be covered in the 4th issue of the Watch, which is officially scheduled for release in October, We are now seeking your assistance in sourcing case studies that can add value to each of these important topics.

These case studies and testimonies will form part of the electronic accompaniment to the development of the Watch and in some cases may also appear in the electronic or print edition of the Watch. The case studies will amplify and give a more personal voice to the contents of the Watch.

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  3. Food Hygiene and Toxicology in Ready-to-Eat Foods.

They will also make the issues more accessible and meaningful to readers who may be able to see their own experiences reflected in the experiences of others. Skip to navigation Search Site. Education - update D: Watching 1. Global Health Governance 2. Government Aid 3.

Global Health Watch 4: Call for case stories

Resistance, Actions and Change. Hier and dort — Einblicke in die globale Gesundheit [DE]. Book bvmd. Causes and health consequences of environmental degradation and social injustice. Donohoe M. This paper describes the national and global causes and health consequences of environmental degradation and social injustice. Causes include overpopulation, pollution, deforestation, global warming, unsustainable agricultural and fishing practices, overconsumption, maldistribution of wealth, the rise of the corporation, the Third World debt crisis, and militarization and wars.

Consequences include increased poverty, overcrowding, famine, weather extremes, species loss, acute and chronic medical illnesses, war and human rights abuses, and an increasingly unstable global situation that portends Malthusian chaos and disaster. Because of their scientific training, and due to their privileged socioeconomic status, physicians are in a unique position to recognize these phenomena and to act at all levels, from interactions with their patients, to volunteerism, to service and intervention in areas of great need, to direct political activism and involvement.

It provides a platform to publish and disseminate empirical research and conceptual work that is not constrained by journal formats. Medico will die Unternehmungen zur Abhilfe sichtbar machen und das Gesundheits-Netzwerk beschreiben, in dem sich die Organisation bewegt. The paper looks at different issues surrounding public-private partnerships and the setting up of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the influence of these institutions on the health systems in poor countries.

Equity and health sector reforms: can low-income countries escape the medical poverty trap? Global health funding: how much, where it comes from and where it goes. Health Policy and Planning ; 24 6 : Implementing equity: the commission on social determinats of health.

Birch M. Primary health care. Now more than ever.

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World Health Report Health systems financing: the path to universal coverage. W orld Health Report Freudenberg N, Galea S. Ben Goldacre, Book goo. What he reveals is a fascinating, terrifying mess. Doctors and patients need good scientific evidence to make informed decisions. But instead, companies run bad trials on their own drugs, which distort and exaggerate the benefits by design.

When these trials produce unflattering results, the data is simply buried. All of this is perfectly legal. In fact, even government regulators withhold vitally important data from the people who need it most. Doctors and patient groups have stood by too, and failed to protect us.

Instead, they take money and favours, in a world so fractured that medics and nurses are now educated by the drugs industry. Patients are harmed in huge numbers.

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Ben Goldacre is Britain's finest writer on the science behind medicine, and 'Bad Pharma' is a clear and witty attack, showing exactly how the science has been distorted, how our systems have been broken, and how easy it would be to fix them. Conflicts of interest and policy implementations Reflections from the fields of health and infant feeding. Following the script: How drug reps make friends and influence doctors. Fugh-Berman A, Ahari S. Plos Medicine, ; 4: 4.

Selling sickness: the pharmaceutical industry and disease mongering,. Conflict of Interest between physicians and pharmaceutical industries. Center for International Health. Alma mater studiorum, Bologna University, Department of medicine and public health. Brown H.

Good Health at Low Cost 25 years on. What factors drive improvements in the health system and in access to primary health care? How can we act on the social determinants of health in cash-strapped economies? This book draws on a series of new case studies from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Tamil Nadu and Thailand providing fresh insights into the role of effective institutions, innovation and country ownership in catalysing improvements in health.

Richard Skolnik — Global Health , 2 nd edition. European council, Lisbon conference final draft, Anthropology in the clinic: the problem of cultural competency and how to fix it.

Kleinman A, Benson P. PLoS Medicine. What is important is not to know all cultures, but to understand what a specific illness means for a patient. The implementation of the principles of patient-centered care is needed. Integrating social factors into cross-cultural medical education. Academic Medicine. In this article, the authors discuss the importance of social issues in caring for patients of all cultures. Confronting "culture" in medicine's "culture of no culture".

Taylor JS. Schwerpunktbericht der Gesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes. Razum, Oliver et al. Robert Koch-Institute ed.

Global Health Watch Staff (Author of Global Health Watch II)

Berlin, pages www. MigHealthNet Report mighealth. Dambisa Moyo. Dead Aid: Warum Entwicklungshilfe nicht funktioniert und was Afrika besser machen kann. Submit Search.

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