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A group of highly esteemed aerosol scientists - physicists, chemists, pharmacists, engineers and medical specialists - met in Warsaw, June , to discuss the latest developments in the field of aerosol therapy. This book contains the proceedings of the workshop.

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IX A history of the development of therapy by jet nebulisation p. All Rights Reserved. More Books in Chemistry See All. In Stock. Gemstones and Minerals of Australia Updated Edition.

Optimization of nebulized delivery of linezolid, daptomycin, and vancomycin aerosol

Rocks, Minerals and Gems. Water A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers. The intake of medicines in form of aerosols is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the treatment of different lung diseases and allergies. In addition, there is a great interest to utilize the inhalation pathway for systemic therapy.

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Hence, determination of the required local distribution of inhaled therapeutic aerosols within the respiratory system is a key issue of modern aerosol drug design. In general, deposition characteristics of inhaled particles depend on the properties of the aerosols, the breathing mode and the geometry of the airways.

All three parameters must be analyzed for the optimal design of therapeutic aerosols. A recommended way of drug inhalation may differ for various illnesses and patients. There are two different modeling directions for the description of deposition characteristics of inhaled drugs in the respiratory system.